Welcome to Sefaira Architecture!

In these first five chapters we will show you what Performance-Based Design (PBD) is and what it can help you do. We will teach you how to create models that will run smoothly in Sefaira and help you install your plugin. Lastly, a short chapter with a number of examples will teach you the core idea of how to design for performance.

You can go through these 5 chapters in less than an hour if you use the sample model we provide in chapter 2. If you would rather learn directly how to create your own model it will take a little bit longer. After going through these 5 chapters you will understand the fundamentals and be ready to start with Performance-Based Design!

The content of this page is useful for anyone who wants to learn about Performance-Based Design. However, only Sefaira users with an active subscription will be able to use the Sefaira software. If you don't have a subscription and would like to learn more, please email sales@sefaira.com.

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